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'An important part of the business and duty of a university is the patient exploration and interpretation of great art. When a great artist has special connections with a university and the locality where it is situated, that university has a special responsibility.'

Those were the words of Professor of English Vivian de Sola Pinto at a University lecture in 1951, heralding the start of serious Lawrence teaching and research at Nottingham. Over the years the University has attracted a number of leading Lawrence academics including Professor James T Boulton and Professor John Worthen.

The D. H. Lawrence Research Centre

The D. H. Lawrence Research Centre (University of Nottingham)

In 1990, the School of English Studies opened the dedicated DH Lawrence Research Centre, providing a focus for research and hosting Lawrence-related activities such as readings, conferences and events.

Shortly after, in 1992, the school offered students the chance to turn their love for Lawrence into an academic pursuit, with an MA in Lawrence studies. The DH Lawrence Research Centre invites applications from students to pursue doctoral and postdoctoral study of Lawrence's work and regularly welcomes visiting scholars from around the world.

Nottingham Lawrence Studies, published in association with Critical, Cultural and Communications Press, has recently published Hilary Hillier's Talking Lawrence: Patterns of Eastwood dialect in the work of D. H. Lawrence. For more information click (http://www.cccpress.co.uk/)

For more information visit www.nottingham.ac.uk/english/research/lawrence/ or www.nottingham.ac.uk/english

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